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Cross Greenland 2004

X-Greenland 700 km, 30 days

Nansen did it in 1888, my husband Kristian in 1999 and August 2004  - the same route as Fridtjof Nansen - I crossed interior Greenland.

From east to west coast in 30 days, approx. 700 km ski from coast to coast, approximately 30 kilometers of skiing every day.  A demanding expedition where I got the possibility to test myself physically and mentally. I carried a 60kg sled with food and equipment myself.

The experiences where many, specific, positive and harsh: First up the coastal glaciers, the long days and long ski trips far from civilization and family, the incredible light and nature. One highlight was Friday, August 13 (!) when we met a hungry Polar bear. Extremely scary then, and grateful to think about now. Deprivation was also a major parameter in this tour - missing my family home (in 2004, my son Peter was 2 years). However- this journey was something special and stands as a sparkling experience in my life. There are not many people who have been on top of Mt. Everest, but even only a fraction as many have crossed Greenland ... I'm very proud I've done it.


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Cross Greenland 2014

Mt Elbrus 2006

Mt. Elbrus, Russia 5642 masl - On top Of Europe

In August 2006 I was ready to try a 14 days hike. The choice was Mt Elbrus in the bottom of the Caucasus, (a mixture of the Himalayas and the Alps). Mt Elbrus rises 5642 meters above sea level and is clearly Europe's highest mountain, and one of the "Seven Summits". Elbrus is covered by ice and snow. You start to walk in shorts, and ends up walking with Down jacket, crampons and ice axes. We flew via Moscow. From there we flew to Minerale Nyvody in the Caucasus with an old Aeroflot plane (say no more!). With the Caspian Sea on one side, and the Black Sea on the other, the weather changed rapidly at Mt Elbrus. The top night was tough. 1000 meters of snow wreaks, low blood sugar, nausea, headache. The last 300 meters my body and my head where strongly disagreed, so I pressed on my northern Norwegian "autopilot". There were many ugly words out of my mouth the last meters, but like everything else: We tend to quickly forget the pain. When I was standing on the top of Europe, overlooking the stunning countryside - I felt so proud and happy. Amazing tour in amazing Russia.


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Mt Elbrus 2006

Arctic Circle Race 2014

Danish South Pole Expedition 2000, Kristian Joos

Coming up .......


APRIL 2014 - I will participate at Arctic Circle Race. The race takes place through the magnificent countryside around Sisimiut on Greenland's west coast approx. 65 km north of the Arctic Circle. The total race distance is 160 km. The three-day race takes competitors through the magnificent, varied and sometimes harsh Greenlandic terrain. I am so excited, and looking forward to test equipment and my self.

Arctic Circle Race 2014


Danish South Pole Expedition 2000, Kristian Joos

I was born in Tromsø, in the Nordic part of Norway in 1973. Educated in Oslo at Norwegian School of Management (BI) -  Master of Science in Business and Economics, and moved to Copenhagen in 2007 to work for Microsoft Denmark. Married to Kristian, and have to children: Peter & Johanne.

The ability to step outside my comfort zone has provided me with personal growth. It has allowed me to develop unique insights that contributes to my business success. I have crossed Greenland on skis, climbed and reached the summit of Mt Elbrus in Russia, and completed the Arctic Circle 2014 Race. Committed to continuing to challenge myself to push to discover the best of my individual self, these challenges have developed my skills to a place that impacts people and drives corporate success. Challenging self is a foundational element to my belief that each experience of my experiences and each challenge works towards making one, more of a whole person. Through these life disciplines, it has proven successful when I apply my assets within my specialties of Technology, Digital Business Development, and Strategy in my role both as CEO for Signify Nordics, and now as Chief Digital Officer for Signify globally.

I am honored to been selected as a member of the "Disruptive Council" by Denmark's Prime Minister contributing with my specialties in Technology, Digital Business Development and Strategy and Transformation. I also enjoy my ability to impact through my position as a member of the Board in INWIDO and DI Digital (Industry Association for IT, Telecoms, Electronics, and Communications companies within the Confederation of Danish Industries) and NORDEA Invest. I addition I am also advocate for Women in Leadership in the IT industry.

Dedicated to contributing my unique insights and responsible in a key role to orchestrate, I lead people and support individual growth and I contribute to the Nordic society with a keen focus on how I can link Signify's, lighting story with digitalisation what lighting technology can do for people.   


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Email: astrid[at]joos[dot]dk

Mobile: +45 51 33 88 55


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