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Danish South Pole Expedition 2000

As the first Danes ever Kristian Joos and Gregers Gjersøe walked on skies to the South Pole.
On 12th January 2001, 18.30 local time, vi reached the southernmost point on earth, after 56 days on skies from Hercules Inlet on West Antarctica. The 1200 kilometer journey from the coast to the South Pole was completed with an average speed of 21.8 kilometers a day.

The expedition was “unsupported” (no deposits, dog sledges, air crafts drops). We pulled all of our equipment, fuel and provisions in two sledges. Each of which weighed 120 kilograms.

Due to the cold and the physical efforts we lost a lot of fat and mussels during the expedition (Gregers lost: 19 kilograms, Kristian lost: 24 kilograms). To prepare us for the tough challenges, we gained weight before we started. Gregers gained 14 kilograms and Kristian 20 kilograms.




Gregers and I wrote a book about the expedition: “På ski til SYDPOLEN – Den første Danske ekspedition” – “On skies to the South Pole – the first Danish expedition”. To buy the book – click here…

Click above to see the film about the expedition done by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s - DR.


Danish X Greenland Expedition 1999

We arrived to the east coast of Greenland May 16th 1999, after a successful crossing on skis.
The expedition started in Sdr. Strømfjord on the west coast and ended in the small village Isotorq on the east coast. The expedition lasted for 45 days. We did the 650 kilometers unsupported, meaning that we pulled our 120 kilos sledges with all our equipment’s after us, without any help from; depots, dogs or drops from airplanes.


Members of the expedition: Gregers Gjersøe, Kalle Kronholm, Kristian Joos.

Click above to see the film about the expedition.


Aconcagua 2004

December 14th, 2004 14:15 I reached the top of Aconcagua.

With almost 7000 meters above sea level Aconcagua is a wolf in sheep's clothing. It is the highest mountain outside of Asia. The mountain is a mini Mount Everest. It is high, it is cold and it takes many lives. Aconcagua is one of; The Seven Summits with its’ 6962 meters.

It was an exciting, challenging and successful trip, where I for the first time tested my body in a high altitude.

Click above to see two short film clips from camp Nido and the summit.


Mount Kilimanjaro 2006

February 24th, 2005 07:35: I am on the roof of Africa – Mount Kilimanjaro, yahooo :-)


As the highest mountain in Africa (5895 meters), one of the “seven summits” Kilimanjaro is a trophy.
Reaching the top is possible for everyone, but it is more demanding than that. The ascent (Lemosho route) of Kilimanjaro is a week in a tent with cold nights. Dusty days without a bath and clean clothes, and a taste of altitude sickness. On the way to the top you will experience an intense darkness. Bitterly cold. Headache, nausea tumbling in the stomach and your lungs pipes for air.
There are infinitely far to the top; two hours and two hundred meters of altitude. Where is the exotic and friendly Kilimanjaro?



Coppermine River Adventure 1997

The ultimate adventure: Canoeing in Canada’s North West Territory.
In the summer of 1997 we (four people) paddled in two canoes 500 kilometers down the roiling rapids of Coppermine River. After a month exciting and challenging paddling the adventure ended in the Arctic Ocean in the Northwest Passage.



Sailing Across the Atlantic Ocean on a Sailboat 2017

What a fantastic adventure crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a sailboat together with: Robert Firkic (Captain), Stine Skriver (the captain's wife), Dan Lauridsen and I. It is one of the 'must do's' when you have been sailing your entire life.

We had a wonderful trip. Good friendship, a lot of fun, beautiful sunset/-rise, excellent starry, nights lighted by the moon, good fishing, exiting wildlife and nice temperatures.

The most challenging part of the crossing, except from maintaining the boat and make sure everything is working, high/low winds and BIG waves is the time you have to kill. There are a lot of hours where you are alone enjoyring the ocean.


Facts about the adventure: 

  • Boat Hallberg Rassy 42

  • Crew members: 4

  • Total NM sailed: 2.955 (5.472km)

  • Total days on the ocean: 25.

  • Route​

    • Las Palmas (dep: 05NOV17) > Cap Verde (arr: 11NOV17). Total NM: 865 - 6 days.

    • Cap Verde (dep: 15NOV17) > St. Lusia (arr: 04DEC17). Total NM: 2.090 - 19 days

  • Want to read more about Atlantic Ocean. Click here...

Waves making the boat 'rock n roll'... in 25 days!

Land in sight - St. Lucia


“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

     -Mae West


Danish South Pole Expedition 2000, Kristian Joos

I am passionate about what can push our limits. Explore ourselves and move our comfort zone. Both when it comes to extreme expeditions, in a business competitive environment or even in our everyday life.
I am a team player that thrives in an open and creative environment where I am part of creating the momentum. I am a strong believer in diversity and that collaborations makes us stronger.
To be an effective and valuable contributor and succeed in what I am doing, I am committed to the maxims/believes:


Clear roles and responsibilities - Be curious, strongly and committed - Show persistence, be brave and extreme - Keep the momentum; status quo = going backward - Be generous and respect other people - Be innovative - People are yelling, because they care - One for all, and all for one - Be active, energetic and contribute - Nothing ventured, nothing gained - Be humble, listen and learn - Prioritize, Focus and Execute - Have FUN.

I was born in Hellerup north of Copenhagen in 1963. Grew up in Virum and Taarbæk, suburbs of Copenhagen.

In my adolescence, I lived several years in the center of Copenhagen. Moved to Norway (Oslo) in 2001, after I met my Norwegian wife; Astrid in 1999, when we both worked at Microsoft. Together we have two kids: Peter and Johanne..

When I am not working, my family and friends are first priority. My big passion is sailing and being on the water and of cause a lot of beautiful summer and winter outdoor activities.

Please read more on my Consulting website:, my Photography website: or my Linkedin profile - click here...


Sailing Profile

I started my sailing experience when I was five together with my father in our small wooden dinghy.

Continued racing in Optimist and later in Yngling. Won the Danish Championship in Yngling and Nordic Championship in H-Boat. Participated in the World Championship in Yngling: #5.


Raced in Knarr together with my father for several years and had a lots of fun Windsurfing. Later I bought a X-79 for regattas and trips.

At a point I decided to go back to basic. I bought a Laser. Participating in several national and international regattas with good and average results.

Together with my family I am sailing our X-43. The boat is used for long distance inshore and offshore sailing including regattas.

I crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a sailboat in 2017.

In addition:

  • Certificate of proficiency in yachting

  • Certificate of proficiency in yachting (power boats)

  • Certificate of competency as Yacht Master, 3rd Class.

  • CEPT Short Range Certificate (SRC), Denmark

  • Restricted radiotelephone operator´s certificate, Denmark

  • Maritime Safety Course

  • First aid course

  • Educated sailing regatta leader

  • Certified sailing instructor

  • Member of Royal Danish Yacht Club

  • Earlier Chairman of the Royal Danish Yacht Club - Youth

  • Driving young potential Olympic sailers in the Royal Danish Yacht Club: 29er Talent Center



Email: kristian [ at ] joos [ dot ] dk

Mobile: +45 51 14 34 14


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